Why we still need you

In 2017| 18 we are presenting original contemporary works, creating platforms to support emerging artists, sponsoring an ongoing mentorship program for 10 young artists, hosting open classes, making a dance film and bringing dance to high schools. And all this with incredibly low administrative costs, a great dedication to bring the highest level of excellence in all that we do, and a commitment to bring a positive experience all around!

But you know what else?

Your donation gives us a sustained basis to strive for excellence and to continue. It may not seem that a donation as small as $25 matters, because it is too small to do anything. But often, even a year later, when we are delivering a program, or workshop I think “Oh, this has to be really excellent, because we can’t let person_X down. They donated. They believe in us, so now we have to be even better this year”.

So thank you to everyone who has brought us so far, and if you haven’t yet, I hope you will consider donating today!

Your support makes a huge difference to us and to everyone that we engage with.

Thank you very much!
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