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H for Hyper

This piece explores manhood, maleness, masculinity, and hypermasculinity. Inspired by the depictions of man in ancient art forms (Roman & Greek specifically) and more contemporary queer artists, this piece will dissect and deconstruct the man. With an all-male casts of different genres, each dancer will explore the depth and range of men’s bodies, emotions, and interactions with one another. Hyperphysicality, aggression, tenderness, and strength are qualities expressed by the dancers


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The Spectrum Project is an interdisciplinary performance project meant to provide an expressive space for queer and spectrum-identified performers. We are dancers, actors, designers, videographers, photographers, writers, poets, and have stories to tell. The Project, founded by Rodney Diverlus, was conceived in 2013 and has produced a full-length piece of dance theatre work: (de)liberate, and short works for numerous events. The Project seeks to produce original, raw, interdisciplinary, hyperphysical, and emotive work.


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Rodney Diverlus is a Haitian-born, Florida -trained, and Toronto-based dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, director, and producer. Rodney has performed throughout Canada, the US, and the Caribbean in theatre, film, and commercials.

Selected choreographic Credits include (de)liberate (Spectrum Project) Fashion Arts Toronto (Natural Instincts launch), Choreographic Works ‘10,’12 (Clusterf***, Oh Bondye Poukisa, Muses, From Gaza With Love), The Pajama Game (Balfour Players), CultureJam Showcase, Hamilton & Toronto Fringe Festivals, & Miss Pakistan World Pageant ’07-‘10.

Rodney is finishing up his last year at Ryerson’s Performance Dance program, training with Nadia Potts, Kenny Pearl, Vicki St. Denys, Karen Duplisea, Arsenio Andrade, Robert Glumbeck, Roberto Campanella, Allen Kaeja, Tanya Evidente & Derek Sangster. Upcoming projects include IFT Theatre’s Nightmare Dreams, Marie Josee Chartier’s Fesitval of Short Works,, Choreographic Works 2014, and the 2014 New Voices Festival.