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Three women in black are bound together by grief. Their bodies are set in motion against complex rhythmic patterns, which they create by using footwork and body percussion, as if participating in some ancient ritual. Together they struggle against unbearable silence, yet each is still searching for a voice of her own.

The rhythmic heartbeat of this piece is based on the flamenco style of seguiriya, which is considered to be one of the oldest and most sorrowful expressions of the artform.


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Of Spanish heritage, Pamela Briz has over twenty years of professional performance experience. A versatile dancer, Pamela began her training in Toronto with Paula Moreno in all forms of Spanish dance including classical, folklore and flamenco, performing in the company’s annual theatre productions for eight seasons. In 1997 Pamela began training with Carmen Romero, with whom she has toured and performed in featured performances including Carmen Complex and Flamenco de Ayer y Hoy and at the Certámen de Danza Española y Flamenco – an international flamenco competition – at the prestigious Teatro Albeñiz in Madrid, Spain. Pamela regularly travels back to Spain to visit family and to further her training. She has studied at Amor de Dios in Madrid as well as in Seville with renowned flamenco artists Ciro, La Tati, Javier Cruz and Juana Amaya. In Toronto, Pamela continues to develop as a dancer/performer and routinely takes workshops with visiting flamenco artists such as Domingo Ortega, La Choni, Pilar Ortega, Rocío Molína and Manuel Betanzos. Since 2002, Pamela has been teaching adults and children at the Club Hispano in Toronto. She can be seen performing in Toronto at various festivals and events as a company member, soloist or in collaboration with other artists. In 2012 she joined Amigos de Pilar for a three evening performance of In the Marrow at the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre. In 2013 Pamela was invited to work with the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company and made her debut with the Company in their annual spring concert of Portales at the Fleck Dance Theatre.



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Iryna Gordon began her flamenco dance studies with Rosario Ancer at Centro Flamenco in Vancouver in 2001, and joined Rosario’s professional training program in 2004.  She performed with Rosario Flamenco at the 2005 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. Iryna continued her training in Toronto with Esmeralda Enrique, Valeria Scannura and Carmen Romero, with the latter as a company member and a soloist. She has performed in productions such as Charla/Chat, a collaboration between Compañia Carmen Romero and Sampradaya Dance Productions. Iryna has trained with visiting artists such as Juana Amaya, Rafael Campallo, Joaquin Grilo, Concha Jareño, Javier Latorre, Domingo Ortega, Olga Pericet, Maribel Ramos “La Zambra” and Pastora Galvan. She performed her original solo choreography at the Free Concert Series at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheater as part of the 2012 Toronto International Flamenco Festival. In 2013 Iryna returned to the festival to perform an opening act together with Triana Project, a flamenco ensemble which she co-founded in 2012.


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Alison MacDonald’s early dance training includes tap, jazz and Irish dance. In 2002 she discovered flamenco in Malaga, Spain and began studying with Carmen Romero and Esmeralda Enrique upon her return to Toronto.

​In a very short period Alison was hooked and moved to Spain in 2003 where she spent 3 years under the tutelage of artists such as Soraya Clavijo, Javier Cruz, Pilar Ortega and La Mora.  She continues her training by attending classes and workshops in Spain and Toronto. Alison is a member of Compañía Carmen Romero and also performs as a solo artist at venues around Toronto.